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Yes, you can actually obtain a divorce without EVER setting foot in any New Jersey Family Court and still obtain a divorce judgment. If you are required to go to court, it will only be to inform the court through basic elementary level questions from your lawyer or the Judge. If you want it to be easy, it can be and I can help you achieve that.

For some divorce professionals, an amicable/civil/no-fault divorce is a nightmare because the fees earned are much lower than a high conflict divorce. My goal is to serve you to obtain a divorce through discussing the key issues and working through them until we reach a resolution. Yes, it is true, there are divorce professionals, mediators like me that seek to help clients work through the issues to avoid a Family Court Judge from making final decisions which could be disastrous. Why Risk it?

While Frances Nicotra, Esq. is a divorce attorney, that does not mean she seeks to have your case become a difficult or high conflict case. It is the opposite actually, from seeing what a divorce judge can do is what led myself to start my practice where mediation and arbitration are encouraged. The reason is simple, with this approach, both sides have equal access to the mediator and have the opportunity to have a free-flowing conversation about the most important issues before the parties.  Furthermore, the atmosphere is much more relaxed as are the rules of evidence if arbitration is chosen. Another critical factor is that you are working with someone that will work around your schedule while handling a case in court is totally dependent on the court’s time and that means the case will not be heard on consecutive days and can actually be spread over many months! Who will remember all those details? How will you keep any momentum in your case? Frankly, you cannot. Through private mediation you can.

While a contested divorce in family court can cost $15,000 or more easily, private mediation or arbitration is faster and can cost less than half of that. Obviously, each case is different but typically the cost is much lower to have the case worked on in private rather than through the courts that are less efficient. The only thing I would use the court for is there ability to sign the divorce judgment/agreement so that should you need to enforce same, you can go back to court and seek relief. It is actually a beautiful concept. Think about it for example, who is more efficient, the post office or the private companies such as UPS or FEDEX? Of course, the private companies because the must be efficient and effective to survive while the postal service is a government entity that can elude budgets and projections, same as the public courts. Don’t waste your time, contact Frances Nicotra, Esq. today to discuss mediation or binding arbitration so that you can be in control of your case and your life. Call us today on 201.963.9423 or via our Virtual consultation form.