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Dr. Errol Toulon Jr: We’re confident we have the right guy in Gilgo Beach murders case

Suffolk County sheriff Dr. Errol Toulon Jr. addresses revelations in the Gilgo Beach murder probe on ‘Your World.’ 

Keith Jesperson, also known as the “Happy Face Killer” who recently admitted to his eighth serial murder, said he has a new pen pal behind bars.

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann purportedly complained about jail food and exercise conditions and fretted that guards might be reading his mail, according to a handwritten letter that Jesperson forwarded to the “Lighter Side of Serial Killers Podcast” host and author Keith Rovere.

Jesperson mentioned the letter last month when police in Florida visited him in an Oregon prison to record his confession in the cold-case murder of Suzanne Kjellenberg. An image that Rovere shared with Fox News Digital shows it was dated Aug. 31.

“You were right about letters — I have gotten a number of them — asking for interviews, to be friends, pen pals, and one guy who sent me three letters asking me to write back and add to his ‘collection of letters,'” the letter reads. “You are the only person who I have written back to and plan to write to.”


Rex Heuermann torn paper composite

A photo illustration shows portions of a handwritten letter attributed to suspected Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann superimposed over a photograph of him in court. (James Carbone/Pool via REUTERS, Inset: Keith Rovere/The Lighter Side Of Serial Killers)

Heuermann’s lawyer Michael Brown did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rovere, who said he has interviewed numerous murderers over the years, including “Son of Sam” David Berkwotiz, went public with the letter earlier this week after discussing it with Jesperson on the latest episode of his true crime podcast.

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“Being only a month and a half into this, as you know, I have had a lot to think about,” the letter reads.

At another point, he warned that, “I am not sure if my mail is not being read. I did have one officer make a comment to me that he knew you were writing to me.”

Rovere said he spoke with Jesperson over the phone Tuesday night and they both picked up on a similar vibe in the letter.