Divorce is never an easy process, but for couples in New Jersey, a new trend is emerging that aims to make the experience a bit more amicable. Instead of opting for traditional litigation, more couples are turning to mediation as a way to dissolve their marriage with less conflict and more cooperation.

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps facilitate discussions between the divorcing couple to reach an agreement on all aspects of their divorce, including child custody, asset division, and support payments. This method allows the couple to have more control over the outcome of their divorce, rather than leaving it up to a judge to make decisions for them.

One of the main reasons why New Jersey couples are turning to mediation is the desire to avoid the emotional and financial toll that can come with a contentious divorce. Mediation provides a more peaceful and collaborative approach to divorce, helping to minimize animosity and promote a healthier co-parenting relationship, which is especially important when children are involved.

Additionally, mediation often costs less than traditional litigation, as it typically requires fewer hours of legal representation and court appearances. This can be a significant benefit for divorcing couples who are already facing the financial strain of ending their marriage.

Another advantage of mediation is that it allows the couple to move through the process at their own pace, rather than being at the mercy of a court docket. This can be especially beneficial for couples who want to maintain a civil relationship and work together to come to a fair and satisfactory conclusion.

There are also legal changes happening in New Jersey that are encouraging more couples to consider mediation. In 2014, new legislation was enacted that requires divorcing couples to attend an early mediation session before proceeding with a divorce trial. This has led to an increased awareness and acceptance of mediation as a viable option for ending a marriage.

Overall, the rise of mediation as a preferred method for divorce in New Jersey is a positive development for couples who want to part ways respectfully and amicably. By choosing to work together through the mediation process, couples can potentially save time, money, and emotional energy, and ultimately come to a resolution that meets the needs of both parties.

For couples in New Jersey who are considering divorce, it may be worth exploring mediation as a way to navigate the process in a more peaceful and cooperative manner. By doing so, they can lay the groundwork for a more positive post-divorce relationship and set the stage for a smoother transition into the next chapter of their lives.